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small, light and indestructible
the CD of 'Sound Bath', also available on WWW.CDBABY.COM

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Wind Chimes  
Campane a Vento
Tuned, harmonious, handcrafted,

Made with care and deep passion for the sounds and wood.

my intention is to bring beauty, wonder and positive energy into homes .






vibrational massage



2) 432Hz - OVERTUNED

CD Gong Bath

Helpful for meditation, healing, and as background music for massage or your practices


Helpful in overtones singing, free voice, rebalancing, mantras, singing prayer

Meditation Stools T I B E

Lightweight and comfortable, ... the size of a book!

It allows you to sit on the floor for a long time.

Pieces such as ergonomic chairs, allowing you to keep your back straight.