Equinozio e LunaPiena
Brescia, Arco
E' finalmente arrivato lo sgabello per star seduti comodamente in terra: piccolo, leggero e indistruttibile
un'efficace meditazione di 15 minuti


THE meditation STOOL:


sitting on the floor, comfortably!








This stool was designed

to give the possibility to ANY PERSON

to be comfortably seated on the floor,

in positions of meditation or not,


In fact it is functional for everyone:

the more undersized than the obese

the less used to stay on the floor.






  • is very light

  • takes up very little space and so does the size of a book, you can take it with you on the road (Diego has brought with it in India trip!), also useful for groups that have space problems.

  • is practically indestructible

  • allows you to sit in different positions (we are not meant to be too stationary, in one place!)

  • is equipped with a bag of cotton sling

  • is cheap compared to other stools while fulfilling the same function, they not have all these good features!

    some photos:


TIBEviewed from the side





TIBEthe two parts combined




TIBEUnited, take up very little place!