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Gongs and other ancestral instruments





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...More than an instrument,

it is a space that opens us up,

inside and outside






inside of which incredible things can happen.



The sacred gong is the spirit which sings, and releases the chains of the personality.

It is the song of the soul, which sends evolutionary impulses to our bodies,


to the physical body, to the emotional body, to the mental body and to the spiritual body,


bringing them more and more into harmonic connection.

Listen to the thousand voices of the Gong,


feel its evocative pulsations,


let the infinite vibrations dance and flow through the senses,


all this brings strength, peace and healing.


Like a deep and lasting massage


which tunes our physical body… out-of-tune,


too often constrained and, more precisely, forgotten.





al Casale





The Gong is an antique instrument,


of Truth,


that the shamen were already using 4000 years ago


for its extraordinary power of evolutionary transformation.


Legend says that Buddha


will return through the sound of Gongs,


which at times, seems the song of a great OM.







  • Rapid achievement of a deep, meditative relaxation, with the possibility that the rational mind will surrender control to its spiritual counterpart

  • The sounds sweetly lead us into a state of deep realxation, halfway between asleep and when we are about to fall asleep, and our subconscious begins to produce dreams, yet we are still alert and thinking.

  • Conscious and subconscious life experiences can emerge, thereby making it possible to free the self from tensions, contractions and inner blockages.

  • Every single cell in the body is sweetly massaged and stimulated to re-harmonize.

  • People who see auras say that initially you see a dark blue similar to that of anaesthesia, which corresponds to the stage in which the sounds that lead to a deep state of relaxation are made... there then follows a cleansing phase on a subtle level, with the colour green, and finally come violet and gold: the energies of the divine descend on the persons present. At the end all the auras of the participants are even more homogenized, radiant and united.

  • It can increase the consciousness of the self; creativity and productive force are positively influenced.

  • Self-healing powers are reinforced and thereby produce a new zest for life.








momento di condivisione








The people who participate, report very different experiences and sensations each is impossible to accurately describe the richness and variety of experiences, so here are some examples:

Often we allow ourselves to live beyond the limits of the physical body, like for example feeling raised up, suspended in mid-air, or else thrown down on the ground, becoming the Earth. One can feel that time is suspended, and an hour of sounds seems to have lasted only 10 minutes. The subconscious produces images and sensations useful to its own evolution...just like at night when dreams give shape to subconsious life experiences, and this fundamental activity, allows us to live our life every day.

On a physical level, some feel long forgotten physical pains, which return during the session, to then be finally released.

Some feel vibrations, in various parts of the body, according to the different sounds.

On an emotional level, some feel moved, or, finally, after many years, hidden hurts emerge, which have engaged our vital energy for so much time... some laugh, contacting emotions of happiness.

On a mental level some have images of moving colours, of shapes, memories, images of people or animals, places like forests, temples, sensations of flying among the stars, etc...

On a spiritual level some have intuitions and find solutions to situations in their lives.

Some resonate, contacting higher emotions like a deep joy, a sense of union with all beings, with the Whole.

Some have experiences of discomfort which are however very often released and lead to having more energy at one's disposition in the following days and to sensations of great peace or great strength.

Some get bored! ...and feel like nothing is happening! In reality, the information contained in the vibrations is transmitted at all levels and these people, at least, can feel the vibrations in their body, like a real and true massage.


For everyone, however, there is the chance to learn to let themself go, in the Sound Bath, as in life, to a deeper level of trust... it is one of the many ways through which we can learn to be ready for everything, finally, ready for anything.


With time, the perceptions of the vibrations sharpen, and the listening becomes deeper. 

A poem by Mariastefania Facchinetti,

inspired by a Gong Sound Bath:




I have already seen so much

to achieve the extraordinary

Shocked experience of


I'm still here

I'm still here

I'm still here

I will still be here after Death

Golden flight of the gong on me

Vibrant penetration

The subject is wave in the Sound

Nothingness is more.

My conscious cells immersed in the Embrace of Wholeness











In my sessions I use the planetary gongs of PAISTE. In the universe of Gongs they are the most expensive, but also the most harmonic and sonorous. They are tuned to the planets of the solar system, each one acts in particular with determined energies. My 5 Gongs: Sun, Mercury, Earth, Venus by PAISTE, and a 27-inch Stagg Gong.


SUN: to develop a dynamic strength of will; to improve the spiritual life; to make decisions.


MERCURY: to reinforce self-knowledge; to see together the whole and all its parts; creativity, comunication.


EARTH: to lighten worries; connections to universal energy, to cosmic love.


VENUS: To heighten art and compassion in love relationships; to expand the imagination and the ability to perceive and project.










The evening consists of a short presentation and preparation, then everyone stretches out on their mat, wrapped in their own blanket, and lets themself go into this sea of deep vibrations that gush forth from this powerful instrument, from the harmonic singing, from the Tibetan bowls and from other ancestral musical instruments.


At the end there is a moment in which you can draw or describe the sensations or visions that you had.

Finally there follows a moment of sharing in which anyone who wishes can tell the rest of the group what happened during the session.


It takes a month for the cells to integrate the harmonic information received by the sounds, so for this reason the rhythm is monthly.


If you are interested in participating in these meetings,

or to bring the Sound Bath to you,

send me an email, or call me after 16.00 on +39 328-9686808


It is also possible to have individual sessions by appointment.