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"He was a serious person,

he spent his time playing."

(Lewis Carroll)












My name is Nicola Renica.

I have always had two great passions: sound vibration, and the expansion of consciousness.

Music is a really important part of my life, both listening to it and producing it... with a piano in front of me I can't do anything other than move my fingers on the keys and let myself go.
But even more than music, I am drawn to sound. I like to experiment with the sound possibility of any object or musical instrument.
Unfortunately I have never deepened my music study on a formal level, I have never undertaken significant courses of study, but I have always been attracted by the vibrations that instruments are able to give. Because of this, as a small child, I started to collect and study musical instruments, entranced by the simplicity and efficiency of the ethnic ones, without neglecting the others. Maybe one day I will manage to study how to perfectly read a musical score...



I acquired the title of musical animator with Cemb, and I put this into practice teaching music as an external expert in pre-schools. After this I combined studies and sensations in acoustic physics, constructing small musical instruments, made with shells, coconuts, bamboo canes, etc... Among the various creations, the most successful are the Wind Chimes. They are still giving me great satisfaction and are greatly appreciated even by musicians and choir masters... that is to say, people with a refined ear, but also ordinary people, sensitive to Beauty and Harmony!




Another great passion, which is always with me, is everything linked to personal growth, to the learning of stategies for internal development. I have widened my knowledge of the teaching of teachers and led groups in the expansion of consciousness.

Presently I give a course entitled ' strategies for internal development: open your heart',

and I teach overtones singing with great passion. I conduct evening sessions with planetary Gongs in which the group experiences a Sound Bath. I do individual sound massages and I construct tuned, harmonised wind chimes.


I have recorded 2 CDs, one of overtones and monochord singing at 432 Hz, and the other is a Sound Bath..


In February 2011, for the first time in the world, I experimented with Christof Bernhard in the circle of breathing with live music, using gongs and other ancestral instruments... two powerful experiences united together! The idea arose from the intuition of Christof who shared our experiences with his breathing master David Elliot.


From the 15th to the 17th of April 2011 I contributed to the seminar "teaching the teachers" led by David Elliott, doing Gong Baths and accompanying his breathing circles with the sounds of the Gong.


From 2005 I have collaborated with Roberto Liradelfo (Belgian therapist and trainer) in the realisation of BIOVOICE seminars.

Now, in addition to the artistic, and also the meditative aspect, I am investigating the curative powers of sound and studying the VOICE-WELLNESS relationship.


" Our voice speaks of us, of who we are and of how we are.

It is a powerful regenerative instrument which harmonises, nourishes, stimulates,

and works without need of batteries,

wherever we are we always have it with us

and it offers great possibilities for growth.”

Nicola R.