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THE Reawakening:


at the roots of happiness








Your happiness shouldn't dipend on other,


it's your personal well-being.


Your life became your own again...


there is an eternal present


full of happiness,


it is enough that you feel it,


and you decide.







We are immersed in love, and we don't realise it, because we are slaves. We are born in a prison without bars, without walls, without a smell, a prison of the mind."




" Being reawoken is a bit like being in love, no-one can tell you if you are or is something that runs through your veins!"


“Love, no-one can make you feel loved.

Love is one of your vibrations, it is inside you;

it does not depend on the external, on others,

on what they do or don't do. Love is a state of being.”

E. Tolle





I can't teach you anything.

You however have the possibility to learn a lot.

Indeed, the very fact that you are interested in this course

is a good sign that you are tuned in, and already on the road to opening your heart.

The only thing that I can do is help to make you live out

that which you have always known in your heart but have difficulty in realising,

for reasons that we will see together.


Enjoy reading!









What will we work on:



“We need a new way of thinking to solve the problems caused by the old way of thinking”

A. Einstein

Consciousness is a fundamental aspect of the life of every person…

It is not that we are conscious or unconscious.... we are at a certain degree of consciousness. This is the result of a constant alchemic action of transformation, started at birth or maybe even before, and which wil never finish.
Consciousness can increase, with good work on the inner person.

The degree of consciousness of a person, determines his or her degree of freedom, his or her ability to enjoy life, his or her capacity to love or to be loved , his or her capacity to listen or be listened to… in short, consciousness determines the quality of our Being, and therefore of our action.

Your strategies were learnt at birth, and it is normal that you always react according to these internalised schemes which up to now determined your way of living.

Now we are adults, and we have the possibility to learn new, more evolutional strategies.

We could also act and not react.

This brings us on to other advantages, like for example not always making the same mistakes!


Only through working on ourselves, will we manage to overcome that which energetically creates an obstacle to our freedom, closes our heart, extinguishes our joy, makes us live in pain, makes us fall ill, curbs our personal power, and makes us breathe in Fear instead of in Love.






Programme for the evening sessions:



The first part of the evening will be dedicated to theory, including exercises to do in everyday life.

In the final part of the session there will be about 20 minutes of vibrational massage with the Gongs:

a short and delicate Sound Bath which will give us the opportunity to identify in ourselves that which we want to learn from the evening's discussion and to consolidate the intent that each of us proposes.


The course will take place on a monthly basis for a total of 7 sessions from 20,30 to around 23,00.

Once the course has begun, from the 2nd session on, it won't be possible to register or to bring other people.

The sessions will take place at Hotel Faro, in via Mantova, 60


The course is organised in collaboration with the SaVita association

Participation in the course requires

a registration fee of 50 euro, including membership card ( 60 euro for members)

and an entrance fee of 15 euro from the second eveing on.